Issue 84, Winter 2001/2002

NCAC is inaugurating Art Now: Nationwide Artistic Responses to the September 11th Tragedy and its Aftermath.

Several months after the attacks, our country is at war and confronting world re-defining political issues. In discussions about the role of art now, we often hear references to art’s healing function. However, besides commemoration, besides the solace provided by beauty, besides the escape of quiet and stately museum spaces, art can offer a greater understanding of ourselves and others, a heightened awareness of daily life, and a necessary political critique. Art can free our perception of set patterns and allow us to see the present differently as well as to imagine alternative futures. Art Now will publicize the range of artistic responses to the current situation, and encourage serious conversation.

The project consists of a web site and an open discussion forum. The web site contains information about concrete responses to the attacks and their aftermath. The Art Now Discussion Forum is concurrently hosting a conversation on ethical, political and historical aspects of creative expression in times of crisis.

To access Art Now, click here.