The Virtual Coalition Against Censorship, a Project of the Arts Program at the NCAC, is hosting its next discussion on censorship in Second Life on child avatars. An exhibition in SL, celebrating its fifth anniversary, banned images where child and adult avatars appeared together even thought the images themselves were emphatically non-sexual. Reportedly, Linden Labs, the company which owns SL, were worried about possible bad publicity. SL bills itself as a space for free creativity and social exploration, but how much censorship can creativity tolerate?

The discussion is scheduled for Tuesday, Oct 7, 7 pm SLT (10pm EST) in at the VCAC pavilion on Commonwealth 3 (103, 81) – click here to be teleported.

If the automatic teleport link above does not work, you can instant message Libertad Lane to be teleported to the site. For more information, contact Libertad Lane in Second Life or Svetlana Mintcheva.