In Our Mothers’ House, Patricia Polacco’s book about an adoptive family with two moms will no longer be hidden behind a counter at school libraries in Davis County, Utah. Following a lawsuit by the ACLU, the district reconsidered its restrictions on the book.

KRRP first found out about a potential restriction or ban to the book in June of 2012. We talked to a number of administrators and librarians and wrote a letter defending the book on June 14, 2012. KRRP also reached out to and communicated with Utah-based and national LGBTQ organizations as well as the ACLU.

Excerpts from complaint forms filed with the district, made available through a Freedom of Information Act Request (GRAMA), can be viewed here.

On January 11, 2013, Davis School District Assistant Superintendent Pamela Park sent a letter to employees of the district instructing them to return the book to shelves. From now on, parents will be able to request titles not be made available to their particular child. Otherwise all books will be available to students and no permission slip will be required.

Despite the action, the ACLU will continue their lawsuit in order to ensure that library books are not in danger of being censored to comply with a Utah law banning the “advocacy” of homosexuality in sex education. The district had cited concerns over this law as the basis for their restriction.


View our interview with Patricia Polacco about censorship, her book and the Davis case below.


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