NCAC’s Kids’ Right to Read Project has sent a letter to the Murray Independent Schools district in Kentucky regarding the decision to remove the novel UnWholly from 7th grade reading at Murray Middle School, and the ongoing conversation about book challenge policies and how they are implemented in the district.

The parent of a student complained that the book’s content was inappropriately dark and disturbing. Although no formal review was conducted, the principal judged that the book violated the district’s Controversial Issues Policy and directed the teacher to stop teaching it.

NCAC is urging MIS to adopt – and consistently implement – a formal review policy, to facilitate communication between the school and students’ parents, as well as prevent the hasty removal of books from students’ hands. The letter directs the MIS superintendent and board members to NCAC’s The First Amendment in Schools: A Resource Guide, and invites them to work with NCAC on a review policy that addresses community concerns while upholding constitutional principles and sound pedagogy.