Updated 6/21/2023 – The Hanover County School Board has adopted some of the changes recommended by NCAC including that books will not always be removed pending adjudication if a complainant alleges that they are “pervasively vulgar.” However, the policy remains problematic as the district has removed nineteen books from school libraries.

5/18/2023 –The National Coalition Against Censorship (NCAC) recently expressed concern to Hanover County Public Schools in Ashland, Virginia, regarding a proposed book challenge policy. Our primary concern is that language in the proposed policy implies that materials must be removed if the complainant claims that the book is “pervasively vulgar” until a formal review has taken place. This may prompt would-be censors to file frivolous challenges restricting students’ access to books they disapprove of.

Currently, the proposed policy states that books “may continue to be used until the challenge has been resolved or the appeals process has been completed.” We strongly recommend revising it to say that books “shall continue to be used” instead.

Read NCAC’s full letter to the Hanover County Public Schools here:

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