UPDATED 9/19/2023 – The Lookout Valley Middle/High School administration has revised the dress code to no longer include the prohibition on “political” shirts.

11/14/2022 – The National Coalition Against Censorship (NCAC) has contacted Lookout Valley Middle/High in Chattanooga, Tennessee, to express concern regarding a provision within the school’s dress code that forbids shirts with “designs, pictures, symbols, or writing” considered “political.”

The Supreme Court ruled 40 years ago in Pico that students have the right to wear clothing with political messages as long as doing so does not substantially disrupt the school.

The NCAC strongly encourages school administrators to remove this provision from the Lookout Valley dress code, as other schools within the same district have done to ensure students’ free expression rights are honored.

Please read our full letter to the Valley Middle/High School below: