The web is still abuzz with discussion of Stephen Colbert's keynote address at the annual White House Correspondents Association dinner. If you missed his performance, you can see it here.

The roast has generated such a preponderance of discussion, criticism (of both the press corps and Colbert himself), and even fawning admiration, it seems useful to point our readers to some of the more illuminating articles out there. Below are a few links to commentary and analysis that shed some light on the First Amendment issues at play in Colbert's speech, and on the state of free speech in America:

» "Did Stephen Colbert Cross a Free Speech Line?" by Julie Hilden, from FindLaw
» "Making Colbert Go Away" by Joan Walsh, from
» "Colbert Affair Exposes Loss of Rights" by Dave Johnson, from Seeing the Forest
» "Stephen Colbert, New American Hero" by Don Hazen on Alternet