In episode 124 of his sex-advice podcast, Dan Savage weighs in on “sexting.” An excerpt:

… I just want to say a quick word about “sexting” which is the craze sweeping the nation. Young people are occasionally being arrested and being bounced out of school … because once you take a picture of your own junk when you’re a minor and send it somewhere, you’re a child pornographer according to the law, which is completely ridiculous. The law needs to catch up with the new technical reality, which is that we’ve put into the hands of all young people the means of pornography production. And of course they arrive with an interest in pornography and with showing off in our post-Paris Hilton universe.

… Now, millions of kids are doing this…most everyone who’s doing it is not getting caught, or raped, or abused, or seeing their pictures all over porn sites. Most of y’all are getting away with it. But just so you know, you’re taking a risk. You can decide for yourself if that’s a risk you’re willing to assume, if the consequences are something you’re willing to assume, because of the pleasures of sexting out images of your junk are just so tremendous that you can’t resist. But just so you know, you’re running a risk.

You can listen to his whole spiel at the link above. Just so you know, it’s NSFW* (not safe for work).

*Unless you happen to W@NCAC.