kr2rp100Its Banned Books Week and yet efforts to censor books in the U.S.A continue. In fact, just this past week, Ellen Hopkins, author of the Banned Books Week Manifesto was censored in Norman, Oklahoma. According to Ms. Hopkins,

“I was supposed to do a school visit at Whittier Middle School. A parent went in complaining about content in CRANK and GLASS. GLASS was pulled off the shelves for review. I understand that there is necessarily a review process if a parent complains about “age-inappropriate content.” However, the parent went on to say she didn’t want me to do my school visit because, and I quote, “I don’t want ANY children to see Ellen Hopkins speak.”

KRRP is proud to report Ms. Hopkins did not back down…

“The school superintendent decided I couldn’t speak at any school in his district, so I instead did a talk at the Hillsdale Baptist College (great irony, huh?). Some 150 kids, parents, teachers and librarians showed up. But not one member of the book review committee, or the superintendent, or the worried parent bothered to come listen to my message, which is basically, “the choices you make as young adults will affect you for the rest of your life.” To read the full story as told by Ellen Hopkins, click here.

The actions of Norman Public School’s superintendent serves only to deprive the entire student body of an opportunity because of one parent’s objections. To deny all students access violates the rights of all of those students, and their parents, who have the right not to have their own child’s education restricted.

To read KRRP’s official response, click here. Also check out KRRP’s recent interview with Ms Hopkins here.