What our censorious culture is keeping from us. Deconstruction of an editorial in April’s French Vogue.

From Jezebel.com:

… It’s a cigarette-fueled, pregnancy-padded, bottle-fed primer in that which cannot be done in Vogue‘s American pendant. …

Smoking is one of Carine Roitfeld’s Favorite Things; she once told the Guardian she wouldn’t want Anna Wintour’s job because in America, you can’t put a smoking model on your cover. So it comes as little surprise that she’d find an excuse to show pregnancy clope à bec. …

Can you imagine the reader outrage if a similarly unsentimental editorial take on motherhood ever slipped past the censors at Condé Nast USA? Sometimes it’s like Carine Roitfeld’s sense of glee at not having to edit for American Vogue‘s outsized sense of propriety just seeps through the page.

Susannah Breslin at Slate’s XX Factor adds:

Shot by Patrick Demarchelier but born from the dangerous mind of French Vogue editor-in-chief Carine Roitfeld, the pictures are a hilarious poke at one of the world’s last sacred cows—motherhood. Perhaps if American magazines weren’t so whimpy about getting provocative, they wouldn’t be dying in droves.

More pictures at Jezebel.