Comments during the public forum of the Hood County Commissioners' Court's July 14th meeting weren't all fire and brimstone and pro-censorship of LGBT books in the public library. There were many in the community who spoke out in favor of inclusion, of tolerance, of equality, and of free speech and the free exchange of ideas.

One mom, in her impassioned and eloquent remarks about her son — "my Princess Boy" — made us cry. Her advice to adults offended by the children's literature that is staying on the shelves:

When your child at four years old picks up a book that they probably couldn’t read and says, ‘Mama, I don’t understand this.’ Let me tell you how I answer that. ‘Well, honey, some of us live differently than others.’ And then we move on.


We couldn't have said it better.


Read more about the controversy here.


(h/t Raw Story)