Good news: Picasso at the Lapin Agile is a go in Eastern Oregon. As a student weighed in the comments section:

Hey just wanted to thank you for taking the time to mention our struggle here in Good Ol’ Eastern Oregon. As an update, a student group at Eastern Oregon University has pledged to fund a production of our play at the college. We will be raising money to rent out the 500-person theater for a few nights in May. We will not charge admission at the door, just ask for donations. All profits made will go towards a Thespian Scholarship for aspiring actors who plan to attend EOU. Thank you to all our supporters in the community, but be weary, for I feel this battle is still not over….

You can now donate to support this play through the director’s blog.  Information on the saga is on the blog and information on the play budget is forthcoming. As he wrote in an email to me, “We’ve had expressions of support from many, many people both local and far flung. It’s already been a long strange but gratifying trip and it’s not over yet.”