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OK then. As a gay man in Michigan my reaction to this is:

Wow, you got a $1000 donor to quit his job! What have you actually fixed other than punishing someone from exercising his 1st amendment rights, as unpopular as those might be? Are there challenges being filed? $1000 really isn’t much. What about other donors who actually donated significant amounts? What about legal challenges to the law? What about legal challenges to 501c3 status of the LDS church. Going after every donor seems to set a dangerous precedent to me. If Prop 8 had been defeated would turn about be fair play with the LDS going through donation records of the No on 8 organization and bringing pressure on those contributors livelihoods in straight dominated industries? I don’t think so. This looks like a witchhunt to me, or at least misdirected punishment. My America protects all of us with the constitution, not just minorities, majorities, rich, or poor. Denying an individual their 1st amendment rights because of the popularity of the viewpoints is a slippery slope friends, as the good guys for the last 8 years, lets not start a slide ourselves.

Lets fight it with boycotts (we’ve canceled our ski trip this winter and let them know exactly why, my partner canceled his business relationship with Marriott hotels), lets fight the bigoted bastards legally, challenge the LDS status as a church, but let’s never attack individuals for the legal expression of their right to free speech, even if we hate it.

That’s the other side’s job.

My friends have betrayed me and my convictions by punishing an individual for APPROPRIATELY expressing his rights and attitudes towards a proposed law of his community/state. Everyone must be allowed the same privilege or we loose the greatness of our social system. When we can persuade the majority of our beliefs then we can enact the laws that reflect our vision of society.

I’m obviously an oponent of prop 8 but I am also an oponent of someone losing their job because of any political contribution

I don’t want to get fired because I support abhor prop 8 and I don’t want someone to get fired because they love it.