“Regulations that ‘drive certain ideas or viewpoints from the marketplace’ for the benefit of children risk destroying the very political system and cultural life’ that they will inherit when they come of age.”  United States District Court, in ACLU v. Reno, June 11, 1996*


Today, April 4 (4/4/14) we bring you 404 Day, a campaign calling attention to the important issue of internet censorship in public schools and libraries, in partnership with the Electronic Frontier Foundation and MIT’s Center for Civic Media.

The Children’ s Internet Protection Act is fourteen years old and it’s still preventing library patrons and public school educators from making free and unfettered use of the wealth of information online.

At 12 p.m. PST / 3 p.m. EST you can join us for a digital teach-in (video stream will go live when the event starts) with a line-up of expert speakers who will shed some light on CIPA, including NCAC Board Member and Research Affiliate at the Center for Civic Media Chris Peterson.

What can you do to join in on the fun?

  • Blog about internet filtering and your experience and share it with us via twitter (@ncacensorship).
  • Educate yourself about CIPA and your rights. Did you know that a librarian must disable a filter for you, when asked, without asking what you want to look at?
  • Spend some time learning about what NCAC and EFF are doing and saying about internet censorship and filtering.
  • Join us at 3 PM EST for the 404 Day teach-in and learn more about what sites get  blocked and how it affects our free speech online