Something is missing from the school lib in Round Rock, TX. Last week, school Superintendent Dr. Jesús Chávez pulled TTYL by Lauren Myracle from district middle school libraries. All of ‘em. That equals a book ban. A.k.a. censorship!

The super and some parents think the book is just ‘trouble’. But that’s up to each student 2 decide 2gether with his or her parents. Luv the book or h8 it, but don’t tell other ppl whether or not 2 read it. No one has 2 read something just b/c it’s in the library.

We r NOT happy abt the super’s decision, and we r telling the school board what we think. B/c what gr8 pg-turners from ur school lib shelves will be the nxt 2 go, just b/c someone doesn’t think they r ok for teens to read?