Today the Brentwood Public Library board handed down its unanimous decision to keep Uncle Bobby’s Wedding, a picture book by Sarah S. Brannen that had recently drawn objections from a patron.

Library Director Vicky Wood initially offered a written response to the complaint, affirming the library’s duty to provide access to a variety of materials:

“Today, even in Brentwood, there are tax-paying, same-sex couples who are looking for books and materials that support their lifestyle and they, too, may have children, as well as friends, family, neighbors and acquaintances that wish to learn more. There are also many straight individuals and families that are not only tolerant of alternative lifestyles, but actively desire to expose their children to literature that endorses homosexuality as an acceptable family structure.

“…A well-rounded public library collection is to provide a little something for everyone. Therefore, I believe this book is appropriate for our collection.”

She invited the complainant to take his grievance to the board if he was unsatisfied with her response, which he did, writing a formal complaint that:

“This book seeks to influence young children to accept an activity that is illegal (homosexual marriage), and a lifestyle that is well-documented to be harmful to one’s physical and emotional well-being.”

Thank you, Brentwood Public Library, for proving once more that libraries are among the staunchest defenders of intellectual freedom and individuals’ rights to choose what they feel is most appropriate for their family, and theirs alone.