NCAC has released a statement in support of the Student Journalist Free Speech Act and applauding New York student activists’ efforts to support student free press rights. 

The act provides that, “a student journalist shall have the right to exercise free speech and of the press in school-sponsored media,” and adds necessary protections for educators who advise and support student journalists. 

On February 28, 2023, the Student Press Law Center, a member of NCAC’s coalition, will coordinate with student activists for a day of advocacy in Albany, New York. On that day, 150 students, including members of NCAC’s Student Advocates for Speech program, will exercise their democratic rights and civil responsibilities by meeting with legislators and encouraging them to adopt Assembly Bill 1345 and Senate Bill 647.

The action on February 28th, is coordinated around the fifth annual Student Press Freedom Day in which student journalists from all over the country raise awareness of the challenges to press freedom.

Read our statement below or click here for a full-screen view: