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Virginia Attempts to Address Underage Drinking by Impinging Upon Free Speech

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Last week, a panel of the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a ban on the advertising of alcohol in college newspapers.  The case involved a challenge to the Virginia Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission’s expansive ban on the advertising of beer, wine and mixed drinks in student-run publications throughout the state of Virginia. Beyond the obvious economic implications (the newspapers [...]


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GRADE: B+ This extracurricular activity remains one of the most difficult offered at school these days – anyone who has ever worked on a student paper will vouch for the work that goes into investigating and getting the scoop, the late nights editing articles, and the ethical debates over striking the balance between objectivity and thoughtfulness for the school community.  [...]

Student newspapers move off campus and online: good news & bad news

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Yesterday, we covered the recent decision of student journalists at Faribault High School to move their newspaper, the Echo, online after it was shut down by the district superintendent.  The superintendent shut down the newspaper after students refused to comply with the superintendent’s request to review an article prior to publication.  Instead, students decided to form their own online newspaper, [...]

School Newspaper Circumvents Censorship by Going Online

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The Star Tribune reports that students of Faribault High School, Minnesota, have moved their newspaper online after it was shut down by the school's superintendent. The superintendent shut down the paper after student editors refused to show him an article about an investigation into a middle school teacher before going to press. Now students will publish their newspaper Echo exclusively [...]

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