NCAC Censorship News

NCAC’s newsletter, published quarterly, contains information and discussion about freedom of expression issues, including current school censorship controversies, threats to the free flow of information, and obscenity laws. A full archive is available online.



Censoring_Science.jpgCensoring Science: A Stem Cell Story

This article from NCAC’s The Knowledge Project analyzes the First Amendment implications of federal and state policies controlling human embryonic stem cell (hESC) research. The article describes the constitutional principles at stake when religiously-motivated policies interfere with scientific speech and inquiry. 



ideas.jpgPublic Education, Democracy, Free Speech: The Ideas That Define And Unite Us

This booklet, produced in collaboration with the National Education Association, stresses the link between public education and the constitutional right to free speech and inquiry; neither can survive or flourish without the other. It explores the issues that public schools face in teaching basic skills and preparing students for citizenship.



Abstinence-Only Education?

A directory of resources concerning publically-funded abstinence-only education. Students in abstinence-only programs receive only information consistent with the abstinence-until-marriage message. Instead of a comprehensive review of the facts about contraception, safer sex practices, and sexuality, they often receive false and exaggerated information. The result of this focus on abstinence-until-marriage has been widespread censorship of sexual information.


culture.jpgCensoring Culture: Contemporary Threats to Free Expression

Robert Atkins — the nationally known author of the ArtSpeak books — and Svetlana Mintcheva, head of NCAC’s Arts Advocacy Program, bring together the latest thinking from art historians, cultural theorists, legal scholars, and psychoanalysts, as well as first-person accounts by artists and advocates, to give us a comprehensive understanding of censorship in a new century.



polsci.jpgPolitical Science: A Report on Science & Censorship


Censorship of government scientists violates the values embodied in the First Amendment and endangers the basis of wise policy-making. This publication from NCAC’s Knowledge Project explores the modern governmental abuse of science.





Potentially Harmful, The Art of American Censorship

The stunning cloth-bound catalog from the exhibition of the same name. The book includes full-color reproductions of some of the most notorious and talked-about censored artworks of the 20th century.