My film “freedom of speech, does it exist? can it ever?” was my chance to experience a filmmakers role, in this film I went around my high school and my community to interview various people and get their honest opinions on what they believe about their first amendment right, which is freedom of speech. For me originality was key in making this film, I had planned what I had wanted to do for a long time, I knew that if I wanted to make a good I would have to very versatile, which is why I interviewed various people, some who had a lot to say on the subject and some who had very little to say. As a filmmaker I respected their decisions to be on camera and to express themselves in whatever way they felt suitable. One of my biggest intentions for doing this film was to live my dream as a director, though it was a little complicated at first but I learned that the key to making any film great is to put your imagination and your true vision into it. In the end I was very proud of how I did my film, my only wish is that others can enjoy what I have created.