The reason why we chose to make our video about this topic is because we believe in freedom of speech and expression, and that nothing should be censored. In the video we demonstrate that teachers and schools don’t allow students to listen to what they want or read what they want and that they want students to behave a certain way. In this video you will see students that are going about their own business and are punished harshly for it. At the end of the video it has a strong message saying “What can someone really say or think?” The main message we are trying to get across is that no matter where or when, freedom of speech and expression should not be taken away in any way.

The setting of the video is a contemporary classroom where students choose their own style in which they want to learn. It is a more modern way of school on the account of how we learn here. Besides the fact that the classroom is different, the rules are generally the same. The classroom may not look traditional, like having desks, but the environment trying to be created is more office like. Even under these conditions the rules are basic like any other school and students get punished likewise.