This animated short from teen filmmaker Aaron Dunbar won NCAC’s 2010 Youth Free Expression Project Film Contest. The year’s theme was “I’m All For Free Speech, But…”

Statement from the filmmaker:

As free speech is designed to protect truth and freedom, the widespread distribution of ideas that are either objectively false or presented as truth without substantiation is clearly unacceptable. In my video, “Hare Tactics,” I try to take a caricatured approach to the issue of a sometimes less-than-honest news media. A democratic society can only function when its citizens are informed; able to think critically and independently. To no small extent, news corporations are responsible for guiding our democracy, as they give the common man access to what goes on in “high places;” both the good things and bad. Media outlets must therefore be held to the highest of standards- Lies and hidden agendas presented as truth cannot be protected as “free speech.”

“Hare Tactics” was initially inspired by recent events surrounding President Obama’s Health Care Law. Love it or hate it, it’s difficult to deny that the bill was frequently portrayed by the media as much more malicious than it actually was. This seemed to fuel the fear-based death threats and violence against congressmen that ensued shortly thereafter.

From a technical standpoint, I think “Hare Tactics” is among my best work in terms of animation quality. While using the same methods as I have on past animations, I was able to refine my techniques to make things look cleaner, more cohesive, and more visually interesting.