It is a mock news report on what we think about speech and what we do not like about it. At first, I had a different idea (which was about a month before the deadline), but by the time I actually had time to work on it, it was nearly the deadline, so I winged-it and did what I had to do. It has everything I wanted to express. From nothing censored, to things that other people may want to be censored. Some things expressed are what I don’t really like. (Ex. Negative, harsh words that can really hit deep inside you. We need more contructive critism, not hatred.) There is also hidden meanings behind what is shown. (Ex. Channel 1 News was referenced from the 1st Admentment). There is many things I can list, but I don’t think I have enough room. In the end, winging-it gave me what I needed to express (when I started editing, I was surprised at so much different views and hidden meanings I found after filming myself). I know, procrasination is bad. “But such is life.” -Peter Coleman, English Teacher.