In my video, I wanted to portray my thoughts on free speech and the current status of free speech. I do this by explaining how I have been an underdog my whole life so no matter how obscene I can be, it is worthless because no one ever listens to me. This reflects my thoughts on free speech because I believe in todays world free speech is taken for granted. There are no limitations on free speech, as there should not be, but it does not really matter because no one cares anymore; no one listens. Free speech does not cause problems, people do, so therefore there should be no limitations on free speech; especially when no one cares to interpret what others are saying. All the videos and pictures were taken by myself completely. I wanted my images to express tension, emptiness, confusion, and pain. This correlates with free speech because free speech can cause tension, emptiness, confusion, and pain. I believe if there are more limitations on free speech, we would lose free speech all together. Yes, free speech may cause emotional pain at times, but what is life without pain?