Kantor vs. Free Speech is about my creative writing teacher, Mr. Kantor, who controls the class through cruel and unusual powers. Kantor dictates the class by giving exaggerated punishments while the students’ mouths are duct taped shut. The duct tape represents the barrier that is placed on free speech in the classrooms. I wanted to make this a very symbolic film, such as the duct tape and the change in color of the cinematography, as well as other things. One example is the red tint in the beginning symbolizes the decent into hell that the viewer is about to witness. While the film is a satire, I feel that it is a warning towards dictatorship in classrooms. I believe some teachers go to far with their authority because they are power hungry. The most important aspect to realize about power is that it can be abused by anyone; and when power becomes too strong, it threatens free speech along with other personal freedoms.