Revolution is a “mockumentary” style short film which looks at the theme of Freedom of Speech in Schools in a quirky, satirical way. In it, two young filmmakers set out to find unique students who can express their views on their school and its treatment of the aforementioned theme. They decide on an art class in a Phoenix high school, and meet some eccentric (and some not so eccentric) individuals along the way.

As avid movie-goers and aspiring filmmakers, we feel that originality and entertainment are two vital aspects of the story-telling process. The theme itself was very important to us – equally important, though, was our desire to develop a unique outlook and style. With this goal in mind, we set out to avoid sappy cliches and unoriginal story lines full of tear-jerker scripting. We set out to create a humorous yet realistic glimpse into the lives of our four characters – characters we knew well from our own daily experiences with similar people. Indeed, the four people introduced to the viewers are living molds of many teenagers the two of us encounter every day.

As filmmakers, we understand the power of satire – and the power of subtlety. Revolution was our quest to create a short film that was unexpected, entertaining and out of the ordinary, while keeping the theme a pertinent subject throughout.