This film is just my very own self centered view of censorship. It’s personal; I even mentioned that in the film itself. It shows my own perspective about censorship to make people think about their own opinion because they do have their own. The purpose of this film is just to make people think about themselves and about others by showing them an example of a person’s view. By showing them my opinion then they will think for their own. Many people just conform to the norm because it is easier to live together than against each other but each of us have our own opinions. If you agree or disagree to my statements, that is up to you and that would be your opinion. I also added that change will always be there. That’s what I thought.
I can’t act, and my microphone is not that good so I did not narrate so I ended up typing text over some video footage that had nothing to do with the issue. I added a couple of photographs of my clay artwork in progress, and a couple of songs that I like. I edited it a little bit, and the process was slow because my computer is not made for video editing or gaming. It was fun.