Speech is a gift but it is a curse at the same time. Speech allows us to express our ideas in forms of riddles, song, poems, novels, short stories, other forms of literature and by talking. While speech does so much for us, at the same time, speech can be looked at as a curse. Speech works by connecting words to emotions. Emotions works by connecting actions to thought processes. Speech is recognized and understood by words. Words are connected with actions and actions are what affect people physically. Speech affects people through words and leaves a physical effect. Being able to use speech can have the same effect as physically hurting someone. While speech can help, by asking for help when you need it, speech can also hurt, by using profanity. In many ways speech represents present issues, like the topic of gun control. While guns save lives in dire situations, they also have the power to take away lives. The way the topic of guns was resolved was by restricting the usage of certain types and limiting distribution of those restricted weapons. The same approach could be applied to speech, by restricting the use of profanity and curse words. Racial words like the C word, used to demean Caucasians, and words like the N word, used to demean African Americans, would tie along with curse words and would be restricted. Speech does have power, because words trigger emotions and feelings. The video is about showing how speech (singing) reflects on serious issues (battery in public).