I knew from the start that I wanted to make a documentary for this project because it’s more affective when dealing with issues. I shot about an hour and a half of interviews with people who I believed would have the most input and I went to both a community college and state university to get a wider range of experiences. Compacting everything into 4 minutes limited me some because as a filmmaker, 4 minutes isn’t very much; however, keeping the time as short as possible is crucial to holding the viewer’s attention. I knew that the video wouldn’t be interesting if it were just 4 minutes of “talking heads”, which is why I did the mock protest. The mock protest was fairly risky because I wasn’t sure what would happen. Interviews are informative but predictable. The mock protest was an actual demonstration of free speech on school grounds and people reacted naturally. I picked the protest topic “God Hates Shrimp” because I knew it would provoke people to respond and those responses would represent just how much someone could get away with on those “free speech zones”. The music I used was an original score by a friend of mine. It’s light piano music, hopefully to build up some emotion because that’s essential in documentaries. The title “We the Students” is a reference to “We the People” from the constitution. I emphasized on my editing skills by using chroma-keying, HD film, graphics, voiceover, rotoscoping, etc. Thank you.