March 28, 2009 @ the screening room of the New York Film Academy

Initiated by NCAC’s  Youth Free Expression Network, and in partnership with Global Action Project, Reel Works,  and the New York Film Academy, Youth Voices Uncensored  brought together more than 75 youth media makers, high school students, and educators from around New York City for an afternoon of film screenings and  discussions about how youth media can transform the way we think about and address important social and political issues. From abstinence-only education and sexuality to racism and immigrant issues, it was an opportunity for youth to speak for themselves and with each other in a creative, transformative, and uncensored environment.

Schedule of films:

Opening: Youth Free Expression

  • XYZ by Mercy Emelike, Cameron Robinson, Corey Steinhouse, Youth Free Expression Network

Part 1: Sexuality and Gender

  • No Place Like Home by Global Action Project
  • Dangers of Promiscuity by Sean Brekke-Miesner and Nam Pham,Youth Free Expression Network
  • What you Lose by Patricia Henry, Reel Works
  • Three Queer Mice by Tha Supafriends, Global Action Project
  • Gay Straight Alliance  by Jamie Li, Youth Free Expression Network 

Part 2: Race, Immigration, and Diversity 

  • A Girl Like Me by Kiri Davis, Reel Works
  • America for Dummies  by Niaz Mosharraf ,Reel Works
  • America’s Next Top Immigrant  by Global Action Project
  • C: None of the Above by Youth Sounds Factory, Youth Free Expression Network

The day also marked the launch on the 2009 YFEN Film Contest: Free Speech in School (Does it Exist?) and provided a chance for students to reflect on the state of Free Speech in their school environment. Click here to check out a video from the event and to see more details on the film contest.