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The Florida Citizens Alliance continues to bombard the Florida legislature with bills that threaten students’, teachers and school administrators’ rights to freedom of expression, to access information and to make curriculum decisions based on educational and pedagogical reasons, rather than the personal opinions of vocal community members.

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A “Parent Bill of Rights” has been introduced in the Florida legislature (HB 1059 / SB 1634). It is nearly identical to a bill that was defeated last year.  The bill has several problematic provisions, including permitting a teacher to be disciplined if they advise an LGBTQ student not to come out to their abusive parents. 1/30/2020

A group of parents have threatened to seek the removal of Little & Lion from the curriculum at Palm Beach Central High School, 1/23/2020

Group urges Florida to prosecute schools over books with sex, LGBTQ references, Tampa Bay Times, 1/8/2020 The Florida Citizens Alliance has announced plans to target books that include information about LGBTQ relationships, such as gay marriage, by urging the state Attorney General to prosecute schools that make the materials available to school children. The list of books  includes The Bluest Eye and Beloved, both by Nobel Prize winner Toni Morrison; the best-selling novel The Kite Runner; and  Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, a best-seller which was made into a movie starring Tom Hanks.

Will Florida legislators make it easier to ban books in schools? We’ll soon find out., Tampa Bay Times, 3/18/2019 New bills are making their way through the Florida legislature.

Defending Florida, Millie Davis, Director of NCTE’s Intellectual Freedom Center, discusses the threat groups like Truth in Textbook pose to Florida classrooms. Originally published on 4/4/2018

A Victory! Science Textbook in Clay County Approved Despite Debate Over Evolution 2/2/2018

Book Pulled From Marion County Middle School After Parent Complaint 1/24/2018

A Second Instructional Materials Bill in Florida 1/8/2018

NCAC Protests Ban on ‘Inappropriate’ Books by Florida School Official 10/11/2017

Two Sad Ironies in Florida Passing Its ‘Anti-Science’ Law 7/1/2017

Florida County’s Schools Keep Textbook, Ending Islam Chapter Flap  5/11/2017


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