NCAC and six partner organizations co-signed a letter, sent as part of its Kids’ Right to Read Program, protesting the ban of Invisible Man from Randolph County Public School libraries and classrooms.

The book came under challenge by a parent of a student after it was one of three suggested reads for an 11th grade summer reading list. Students were to choose one of three books for a summer book report. The book was reviewed by school-level and district-level committees, who recommended retaining the book and reinforced its literary quality and value. On September 16, 2013, the school board banned the book, voting 5-2 in opposition to the recommendation committees.

On September 26, 2013, ten days after the original ban, the Board held a special meeting to reconsider their action and voted 6-1 to return the book. Many of the board members discussed their changes of heart at the meeting, including one who had originally voted no and commented that he had reflected on his son’s military service: "He was fighting for these rights. I’m casting a vote to take them away. Is it right of me? No."


KRRP Letter: Invisible Man Banned in Randolph County, NC by ncacensorship