We’ve launched a new website with an updated design on a completely new platform. It has already made a big difference in how we promote free speech! Here are 10 reasons why we think you’ll like it, too:

1. Welcome Home, Blogging Censorship!

Our free expression commentary and news blog, Blogging Censorship, is now integrated with NCAC.org. That means your search results will now include relevant blog essays and other posts, and we can link blog posts to incidents and resources to keep the conversation going! All of these features will help you stay updated on the latest free speech news and discover new connections between the issues.

2. Fighting Censorship 140 Characters at a Time


Our homepage now features a constantly updated sample of tweets from people around the world who are talking about censorship. We are also recruiting Twitter users for a Tweet For Free Speech Brigade to use hashtag #TFFSB to help spread the word when censorship strikes.

3. Videos, Videos, Videos


You can now browse our videos right from NCAC.org! Watch clips from renowned artistsauthors and other free speech defenders.

4. Our Network

We are excited to showcase articles from our coalition participants and Free Expression Network members in the “Our Network” section of our homepage. Check out the latest news from organizations leading the fight for different areas of free expression including comic books, education, First Amendment legal defense, and more.

5. WordPress: Open Source for Online Free Expression


NCAC.org runs on the WordPress publishing platform, an open source project maintained by thousands of volunteer and institutional collaborators. Anyone is free to use WordPress in any way they choose: to install, study, modify, copy and distribute. That freedom is important as access to software and online publishing become essential to meaningful free expression. NCAC.org on WordPress also means more frequent upgrades to add new features, to better fight censorship and address your free speech concerns.

6. Better Search

Our search box now supports exact phrases (in quotes, e.g. “social media”) to help you find what you’re looking for. By saving the URL of a search results page, you can refer back to a query at any time

7. Read Censorship News Right in Your Browser


We have been working hard to upload the archive of our semiannual newsletter, Censorship News, to Scribd so you can browse covers and read issues right in your web browser! We are still scanning some editions for upload, but you can now enjoy our latest issues and a deep archive of censorship hot topics from the last 40 years.

8. Graphic Content

Our new design features images throughout the website to help tell the whole story. A banned picture is worth a thousand censored words!

9. Joining the Disqus-ion


NCAC’s blog comments are now powered by Disqus, a service that grants users a single login to post comments on over 175,000 websites and blogs, including some of the most popular news and commentary sites online. Disqus helps people find content and string together conversations and relationships across websites.

10. Connecting the Dots

Below articles, incidents and resources you’ll find links to related stories to help get a better understanding of the issue. Click your way to free speech expertise!