This school year we want you to be prepared to defend your right to speak, think and create.

These resources will help you better understand your First Amendment rights (they’re different in and out of school!), take action against censorship in your communities and learn about notable cases relating to student speech.

Whether you’re a student artist, student journalist, student activist or student-with-something-today, if you feel your rights are under threat, we’re here to help.

The First Amendment

What is Censorship

Understand what censorship is and isn’t.

The First Amendment in Schools

Learn how the First Amendment applies to public schools.

Book Censorship

Kids’ Right to Read Action Kit

Learn how to effectively fight book challenges in your school.

Defend LGBTQ Stories

Books about LGBTQ characters and stories remain among the most frequently challenged and banned in schools and libraries. This resource offers an overview of common arguments made by would-be censors and techniques for advocating for LGBTQ stories in your schools and communities.

Theater Censorship

The Show Must Go On

Censorship controversies around performance most frequently occur in schools and are challenged by parents, community members, or school officials. Use these 7 steps to defend your right to free access to educational materials and your right to artistic expression.

Protesting at School

BE HEARD! Protecting Your Protest Rights

This comic by cartoonist Kai Texel outlines best practices to help students assert their rights to speech, protest, assembly and petition, warns about risks, and provides resources to get more help.

Political Speech

Although government cannot punish citizens for their controversial speech in non-school settings, the rules change when schools are involved.

Student Journalism

Student Press Law Center Resources for Journalists

From covering walk-outs and protests to responding to censorship, the Student Press Law Center maintains an extensive collection of thorough resources on student press rights and has an FAQ page for high school newspaper rights. It also provides legal help on censorship issues to student journalists, teachers, and school administrators.

Internet Filters

Internet Filters in Schools and Public Libraries

Find out what you can do if your school or public library’s internet filters are over-blocking educational material.