This list of our best resources on censorship and the First Amendment in schools will help you get ready for the school year.

If you feel your right—or your students’ rights—to speak, think or create are under threat, we’re here to help.

The First Amendment and Censorship

What is Censorship

Learn what censorship is and isn’t.

The First Amendment in Schools

Learn how the First Amendment applies to public schools.

The First Amendment in Schools: A Teacher’s Guide

Promote First Amendment values at your school.

The First Amendment in Schools: A Parent’s Guide

Know your rights as a parent and how to advocate for yourself and your children.

Book Censorship

Kids’ Right to Read Action Kit

Learn how to effectively fight book challenges in your school.

Defend LGBTQ Stories

Books centering LGBTQ characters and stories remain among the most frequently challenged and banned in schools and libraries. This resource offers an overview of common arguments made by would-be censors and techniques for advocating for LGBTQ stories in your schools and communities.

Considerations and Guidelines for School Officials

General considerations school officials should take into account when book challenges arise.