12daystwtYears of fighting Censorship.

Ok, maybe it doesn’t sound epic, but that’s because winning these battles of encroaching censorship is something that is so easy to take for granted. So, instead, imagine NCAC as a plucky hobbit-creature and Censorship as a fire-breathing dragon, a heartless, harbinger of death and destruction (culturally relevant blog humor!).

Anyhow, this is your friendly holiday reminder that NCAC has been working to fight censorship in its various forms and iterations for many years and will continue to do great work on cases like the one’s we’ve been highlighting this month.

We can’t, however, survive without the assistance of our members and supporters. So this holiday season, consider giving us all a very special gift: free speech protections, via a donation to NCAC. And enjoy Censorpedia and the many fascinating censorship cases it contains.

The Twelve Days of Censorship