We are thrilled announce Aaron Dunbar’s "Hare Tactics" as the 1st Place Winner of our 2010 Youth Film Contest. Sarah Phan and Lyndi Low took 2nd Place with "Malediction", and Evangeline Fachon and Lindsay Tomasetti’s "Static" won 3rd Place. Watch the films now and join our winners for at the New York Fi March 26th Awards Screening at the New York Film Academy!

Aaron Dunbar, "Hare Tactics: When Free Speech Goes Too Far"

Sarah Phan & Lyndi Low, "Malediction"

Evangeline Fachon & Lindsay Tomasetti, "Static"

Congratulations to Aaron, Sarah, Lyndi, Evangeline, Lindsay and all the semi-finalists who made choosing the top three films very challenging for our panel of judges. Over 100 young filmmakers from across the country participated, and each had an insightful take on this year’s theme of “I’m all for free speech, BUT…”

Click here to view the entire set of our 2010 Semi-finalists videos!