The National Coalition Against Censorship (NCAC) raised concerns today that Artspace, the nation’s leading developer of arts facilities, has repeatedly censored artworks presented on their properties. Since 2017, NCAC has been made aware of three incidents resulting in the removal of arts displays, as well as the 2023 ousting of an artist subtenant as punishment for an exhibition of work honoring Native American warriors hanged by the U.S. government. Despite our efforts to support Artspace with the creation of policies that clarify prohibited subject matter in artworks on display, the organization appears committed to its vague policies which enable subjective and inconsistent enforcement and, as a result, threaten artistic freedom in Artspace facilities throughout the United States.

In addition to adopting a policy upholding artistic freedom, we urge Artspace to add greater clarity to their exhibition policies and their tenant Code of Conduct, and to establish procedures for receiving and responding to complaints against artworks displayed on their premises.

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