Parent speaks out against book ban in Round Rock, TX

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Not everyone agrees with Round Rock ISD Superintendent Jesus Chavez's decision to ban TTYL by Lauren Myracle from district middle school libraries.  A parent who opposes the superintendent's decision to pull the book wrote an excellent response in today's Fort Worth Star-Telegram. Read the Kids' Right to Read Project's letter to the Board of Trustees here.

Super sez: ‘TTYL’ has g2g

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Something is missing from the school lib in Round Rock, TX. Last week, school Superintendent Dr. Jesús Chávez pulled TTYL by Lauren Myracle from district middle school libraries. All of ‘em. That equals a book ban. A.k.a. censorship! The super and some parents think the book is just ‘trouble’. But that’s up to each student 2 decide 2gether with his [...]

Banned Book Thursday!!

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This week's banned book is the 2004 novel ttyl (talk to you later) by Lauren Myracle. This is the first novel ever written as instant messenger style conversations between three fictional characters. ttyl was New York Times, Publishers Weekly, and Book Sense bestseller, and has had two sequels, ttfn and l8r, g8r. The book follows the friendship of [...]

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