Freedom of speech, in schools.; It is a such a broad topic, which many of us don’t even know where to begin. Many can argue that there isn’t any freedom of speech in our schools or very limited. They may have had encountered some situations where they felt deprived of their student rights or maybe felt like they didn’t have a way out. Others can say that they do believe there is freedom of speech in their classrooms and environment. And maybe they have never encountered a problem with the faculty or bill of rights in their student handbook. Nevertheless, there are many opinions on this subject, so it is difficult to have just one answer. It may be a no, a yes, a maybe, an I don’t know, don’t care, or a neutral answer for both sides. Either way, expressing the theme in a documentary seemed like the best idea for me. The film takes several sides of the equation and random strangers were able to voice their opinions. They even made me think. Is there or not freedom of speech in schools… in my school?

I didn’t make the video too long (even though I had way more footage than shown) Since, I wanted to get the strongest points made across by the interviewees. The school that were attended were located in NYC (Cuny City, Cuny Hunter, and Fordham U) and I tried to get a diverse group (Though there are more people camera shy than I thought). Hopefully, the efforts made into the video can be noticed by others; Nonetheless, I had a great time producing it.