My film is based on the past and present lack of “Freedom of Speech” found within the school systems. It covers Supreme Court cases that had a profound impact on the world of free speech in school, yet they did not do enough to satisfy what I believe constitutes “Free Speech”. My inspiration for taking the angle can be traced back to my last year of High School. I was unaware of the immense censorship with which the school board acted upon until I took the film position in my school’s ASB. I was in-charge of making a monthly movie, that’s shown at the school’s assembly. I made it with my own ideas and made sure to keep it acceptable for the faculty and students alike. I submitted it to the school Dean for review and she okayed it. I finally got to show it and the crowd of students gave me the first ever standing ovation in school history! I was on cloud nine, only to find out that the school board had reviewed my film and fired me from making anymore productions because of how vulgar it was! While all the students loved it, the faculty only allowed me to continue making movies if they could help write and overlook them. That is not the kind of movie that I want to make. I believe strongly in creative freedom and feel there is not enough of it to help students grow and we need to fix it now.