I learned about my first amendment rights in school, and ironically this is where I learned about the subtle, and not so subtle ways in which they are breached. This video focuses on the way young and malleable brains internalize censorship. The visual metaphor is a series of dark looming figures which appear behind students when they are shamed for speaking out.

I crafted the costumes from black cotton, paper grocery bags, spray paint, and special effects. I spent a lot of time planning the film and orchestrating a group of exited students with a strict time limit. This was the first time I’ve worked with a group of more than four in a movie. The longest time though, took place in editing and creating the soundtrack.

Although the subtler internal side of censorship can be hard to detect, let alone fight, my hope is that this short film will encourage people of all ages to rise above the fear of the vast freedom of expressing oneself.