“SPEAK UP!” is a film based around a plot of all these students in a class room with signs on their necks, all connecting to the idea that all these kids are afraid to speak up because they are afraid of getting in trouble for exercising there freedom of speech in school. Then a teacher of one class is trying to get the students to participate, but none of them will for that reason and so the teacher decides to do something about it and show them that it is okay to freely speak in school and that there is freedom of speech in the school.. The teacher collaborates with another teacher in the video to help get her point across and at the end, one of the student’s exercises her right, throws away her sign and that starts a chain reaction.

I chose the view I did because I truly believe, in my school at least, that we do have free speech. Last year, my school decided to get rid of most of our honor societies due to the current economic situation and this bothered a lot of the students, thus the school allowed the students to go to our Board of Education meetings and speak what they were feeling. I am happy to say that the societies were brought back, which is what convinced me that free speech really does exist in my school, which is why I found it fitting to base my video on that opinion.