I was inspired by the movie \”Metropolis\”. With its same machine-like premise I couldn\’t think of a better image student oppression could be modeled to. Though I was under a strict movie run time ( 4 Minutes ), I feel that I addressed what I think students experience day by day in school. A withdrawal of free speech. The tape in the film signifies the measures ( failed grades, dress code, expulsion ) schools try to achieve to limit our right to free speech. I chose a silent film to show that students are voiceless in their schools. I also chose a black and white scheme when the protagonist enters the room and the remainder of the film to show how these acts, the acts that try to control students, deprives us of our voice, color, and creativity. The fade transitions between the other students in the hallway show that this \”tape incident\” didn\’t just happen to this particular individual but to other students as well. I also showed this to also comment that those students represent the student body as a whole. I chose to imitate the limp walk of the workers of \”Metropolis\” to show what some schools have made their students into, Emotionless almost machine-like people taught to not express their creativity. I hope you enjoy it and I hope that you understand the student\’s plight regarding their rights to free speech.