Come one, come all! Meet our YFEP film contest winners and enjoy their work on the big screen!

We'll also have brilliant and innovative teen films from REELWORKS and Global Action Project.

When: Saturday, March 29. 1pm – 4pm.

Where: New York Film Academy: 100 East 17th St. NYC 10038

Free Admission.

Celebrate Youth Free Expression with a day at the movies. There will be thought-provoking films by talented young people. There will be entertainment. There will be popcorn.

In addition to screening this year's winning films and films by our partners, we will be unveiling the 2014 Contest Theme — our 10th anniversary contest!

Our theme in 2013 was “Video Games in the Crosshairs.” We invited teens 19 and younger to reflect on gaming and respond to those who trumpet a single narrative about video games and media violence. We asked them to show us why gaming matters, what attracts young people to it, what role it plays in our culture and to explore the boundary between this virtual pastime and people’s lives in the physical world.

In order to further the conversation about gaming, the Youth Voices Uncensored Event will also feature a stimulating conversation with some professionals in the technology education and video game world. A lineup of game producers and programmers will discuss the topics highlighted in our winning films and the sporadic panic over video game violence. Joining us will be:

Juan Rubio, Associate Director, online leadership program, Global Kids
Shawn Allen, CEO/President/Game Design Director, NuChallenger
Reynaldo Vargas, Independent Game Designer and Game Design Instructor

See you there!