Youth Free Expression Film Contest

Watch What You #Tweet: Youth Free Expression Film Contest Finalists

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​NCAC is pleased to announce our twelve finalists for our 2016 Youth Free Expression Film Contest: Watch What You #Tweet: How Free Should Social Media Be? Our panel of judges will carefully evaluate these films and announce the first, second, and third-place winners in mid-April.

2013 YFEP Film Contest: “Video Games in the Crosshairs”

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Our theme in 2013 was “Video Games in the Crosshairs.” We invited teens 19 and younger to reflect on gaming and respond to those who trumpet a single narrative about video games and media violence. We asked them to show us why gaming matters, what attracts young people to it, what role it plays in our culture and to explore [...]

2012 YFEP Film Contest Semifinalists

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Congratulations to the 2012 semifinalists of the YFEP Film Contest! You can check out their videos below or on YouTube.  "Banned" by Matthew Dunbar   "Wickedly Scholastic" by April Jackson   "Textbook Censorship - a Modern Day Book Banning" by Nathan Waters   "You're Reading What?!?!" by Daniel Boyle and Grace VanKan      "You're Reading What?!? Controversial Books" by [...]

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