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No Student Clubs Affiliated with Amnesty International, Says Ohio High School (Update: Decision Reversed)

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A junior at New Albany High near Columbus organized an Amnesty International affiliate group at her school to discuss human rights and came under fire for promoting what some people thought to be an "anti-Israel" message. The school's principal ultimately reversed his decision to "protect" the student "from getting caught up in political lightning rod topics" and will allow the club to form next fall.

Professors and Advocates Call Out Former Gov. Mitch Daniels for Egregious Censorship Attempts

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For those of you who haven't yet heard, the Associated Press recently revealed that Mitch Daniels, now President of Purdue University, attempted to ban the works of acclaimed historian Howard Zinn from classrooms in Indiana during his tenure as that state's governor. In 2010, after Howard Zinn's passing, Daniels (seen here in an artist's rendering) wrote an e-mail to the [...]

SCOTUS Bans Demonstrations on Grounds

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The following post was written by NCAC's summer legal intern, Ryan Gander. Ryan is a current student at Columbia Law School. His interests include philosophy, civil liberties, science fiction, and video games. The Supreme Court has a troubled relationship with the First Amendment and that’s not even talking about what goes on in the courtroom. Since 1949, federal law has [...]

8th Grade Student Suspended and Arrested for Apparel at School (And no, this is not 1965)

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Logan Middle School student Jared Marcum took a trip to the courthouse after a confrontation over his t-shirt last week. The t-shirt boasted the National Rifle Association's logo and the words "Know Your Rights" over an image of a hunting rifle. The student was approached by a teacher in the middle of the school day who apparently asked him to [...]

Letter to Waxahachie Independent School District Superintendent and Board of Trustees Opposing Censorship of Political Tshirt Supporting John Edwards

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Superintendent Thomas J. Collins Waxahachie Independent School District 1000 Highway 77 North Waxahachie, TX 75165 Members of the Board of Trustees WISD Administration Building 411 N. Gibson St Waxahachie, TX 75165 October 9, 2007 Dear Superintendent Collins and Members of the Board of Trustees, We are concerned about the recent decision to send Pete Palmer home from Waxahachie High School [...]

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