About Peter Hart

Peter Hart is NCAC's Communications Director. For 15 years he worked at the national media watch group FAIR, where he wrote numerous articles and co-hosted the nationally syndicated radio program CounterSpin.

The Censored Truth of a Guantanamo Prisoner

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Published in January of this year, The Guantanamo Diary is an intense account of Mohamedou Ould Slahi's excruciating experiences as a prisoner of the U.S. war on terror. Slahi was detained in his native Mauritania in 2001 before a CIA rendition plane flew him to Jordan for brutal interrogation sessions. From there, Slahi was flown to Afghanistan and then finally [...]

First Amendment, Civil Liberties Groups Condemn Proposed Policy Changes in Virginia

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Hanover School District’s Fix Could Actually Make Things Worse NEW YORK, January 13, 2015 — The National Coalition Against Censorship (NCAC) is cautioning school officials in Hanover County, VA that policy changes intended to reduce complaints about instructional materials could actually do the opposite. At a school board meeting tonight, three changes to board policies are being mulled over in response to controversies surrounding the use [...]

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