Third Annual Sunshine Week

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Third Annual Sunshine Week "Government Secrecy: Censoring Your Right to Know" Join Patrice McDermott, Director of and two panels of experts in a national dialogue addressing issues of access to government information, including executive branch power and secrecy, congressional rights and responsibilities, and the role of the public and non-profit sector. The event will begin with a lively discussion [...]

Exposing the Censor Within

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Exposing the Censor Within at the College Art Association Conference in Dallas, TX, 2008 Wednesday, February 20–Friday, February 22, 8:00 am–7:00 pm Adam’s Mark Hotel, 2nd Floor Open and free to the public Exposing the Censor Within is an interactive public installation conceived by Svetlana Mintcheva, Director of the Arts Program at of the National Coalition Against Censorship and realized [...]

Virtual Coalition Against Censorship

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In 2008 we launched the Virtual Coalition Against Censorship, A Project of the Arts Program at the NCAC. Virtual worlds are becoming a new locus of civic conversation and debate, however they are governed by extremely restrictive speech rules set by the gaming companies. Our project’s goal is to bring free speech advocacy to the virtual world, as well as [...]

Free Speech Matters 2007

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NCAC's annual Celebration of Free Speech and Its Defenders honoring Marc Brown, Preeta Bansal, Alison Levine, Dvir Oren, Bonnie Dickinson, and Marvin Rich.

[Title Expunged]: A Night of Uncensored Comedy

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Title Expunged: A Night of Uncensored Comedy Join NCAC for an evening of flagrantly free speech on Wednesday, April 16 in New York City. See a raucous performance by the comedians of Laughing Liberally inspired by the First Amendment issues and controversies that NCAC works on each day. Stick around afterward to drink liberally and speak freely with the staff [...]

Second Annual Sunshine Week Event Will Explore Government Secrecy and Openness

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Closed Doors, Open Democracies? A national dialogue with government openness experts Join Ira Flatow, host and executive producer of NPR's Science Friday, and t wo panels of government and other experts in a national dialogue addressing issues of access to government information, including the impact of government suppression and manipulation of scientific information on public health and safety - and [...]

Panel: America’s War On Sex

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Rev. Barry Lynn: Executive Director, Americans United For the Separation of Church & State Rev. Debra Haffner: Director, Religious Institute on Sexual Morality, Justice, and Healing Joan Bertin: Executive Director, National Coalition Against Censorship Dr. Marty Klein: Sex Therapist, Policy Analyst, Author: America's War On Sex Christian fundamentalists and government conservatives have said it clearly: they will transform our secular [...]

Event Examines Film Censorship

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NCAC partnered with the ACLU for a screening of Independent Film Channel's latest release, documentary filmmaker Kirby Dick's This Film is Not Yet Rated. The provocative film, which investigates the MPAA ratings system and its impact on filmmakers, was followed by a panel discussion featuring Mr. Dick, Owen Gleiberman, Mary Harron, Nadine Strossen, and Michael Tucker, moderated by NCAC Executive [...]

Colorado Symposium on Censorship and the Arts

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Colorado Lawyers for the Arts presents: "Censorship and the Arts in America's Culture Wars": ART, FREE SPEECH AND THE LAW: COMPARATIVE AND CONTRASTING VIEWS A panel discussion and open forum presented by The Art Students League of Denver, Colorado Bar Association, Colorado Lawyers for the Arts (CoLA), Denver Public Schools and the National Coalition Against Censorship Friday, April 7, 2006: [...]

Writers of the Storm: Fake News, and Public Decency, in the Age of Terror

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The New School presents a Writers-at-Large Symposium: "Writers of the Storm: Fake News, and Public Decency, in the Age of Terror" Writers-at-Large, a California-based writers' advocacy group, and The New School, are delighted to bring you a panel discussion " Writers of the Storm: Fake News and Public Decency in the Age of Terror." The forum will deal with our [...]

Potentially Harmful: The Art of American Censorship

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    Potentially Harmful: The Art of American Censorship at Georgia State University, January 10 — March 10, 2006 Georgia State University presents Potentially Harmful: The Art of American Censorship in the Ernest G. Welch School of Art & Design Gallery. Featured artists: Dread Scott, Robert Mapplethorpe, Sue Coe, Lynda Benglis, Andres Serrano, Karen Finley, Alma Lopez, John Trobaugh, John [...]

“FREE SPEECH ZONE: Dangerous Books?”

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September 29, 6-8 PM Donnell Library Center Auditorium Featuring Judy Blume, Deborah Hautzig, Robert Lipsyte, Walter Dean Myers, Phyllis Reynolds Naylor, Peter Sís, and Rita Williams-Garcia - visit for bios of the participants. A webcast of the event is now available online from the NY Public Library Award-winning children's and young adult writers will read from banned and challenged [...]

Censors and Schools: The Battle Over Children’s Literature

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Censors and Schools: The Battle Over Children's Literature A panel discussion on censorship of children's literature 6 - 8 pm Thursday, September 28, 2000 Freedom Forum 580 Madison Avenue between 56th & 57th Streets New York City Popular children's books—from Huckleberry Finn to Harry Potter—are challenged every day and in communities all over the country, not simply to express different [...]

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