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NCAC Joins Free Press and 30 Other Organizations in Calling for FCC to Cancel Net Neutrality Vote

On Thursday, NCAC joined with more than 30 press freedom, civil liberties and open government groups, led by Free Press, in submitting a letter to Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Ajit Pai. The letter urges Pai to cancel a vote scheduled for December 14, 2017 that will likely reverse net neutrality protections instated in 2015. Read the full letter below; [...]

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Tell the FCC to Defend Net Neutrality!

You still have time to add your voice to the FCC's general comment period on Net Neutrality! Hundreds of thousands of concerned netizens have submitted comments so far, but there's still something missing: You! The Electronic Frontier Foundation has provided an easy, online form at to add your comment in favor of a neutral Internet. You can also comment [...]

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Court of Appeals Ruling Kills Net Neutrality

In a 2-1 ruling today, the DC Circuit Court of Appeals effectively ended net neutrality, striking down the Federal Communications Commission’s Open Internet Order. The FCC's order was intended to keep broadband providers from interfering with traffic on the Web. The issue of who should regulate internet access has been the subject of much debate in the last decade. NCAC believes net neutrality allows [...]

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Setback for Net Neutrality

On Tuesday, a federal appeals court dealt a legal setback to supporters of “net neutrality.”  The court ruled (Comcast v. FCC) that the FCC does not presently have the authority to control an ISP’s network management practices and therefore cannot require Comcast (one of a small number of powerful corporations whose networks comprise the Internet) to treat all internet content equally. [...]

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The FCC Favors Net Neutrality

On Monday, FCC Chair Julius Genachowski announced the commission’s support of net neutrality, a principle which holds that Internet Service Providers (e.g. Comcast, Verizon, Time-Warner, AT&T) should not be permitted to discriminate against specific online content or applications and privilege other content with higher quality service. In introducing the National Broadband Plan, Genachowski, described some of the threats to an open internet posed [...]

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Skirting responsibility: Google CEO Eric Schmidt on internet censorship

On Monday, The Telegraph reported on Google CEO Eric Schmidt’s talk at the Cannes Lions Advertising Festival. In it, he chastised censorious governments, saying completely effective internet censorship was unattainable and governments trying to do so were doomed to fail. Schmidt’s comments neatly skirt Google’s complicity with governments’ censorship by claiming that they warn governments that internet censorship can fail, [...]

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Resources for Activists

Freedom of expression is crucial to maintaining a healthy democracy. The menu below contains resources to help you better understand the First Amendment, learn about notable cases relating to activism and protest, and take action against censorship in your communities. Has your right to speak, think or create been threatened?  Featured Resources for Activists [...]

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Arts Advocacy Program

NCAC’s Arts Advocacy Program, launched in 2000, is the only national project dedicated to working directly with individual artists and curators involved in censorship disputes. Its main goal is to protect artists’ rights to participate in the democratic dialogue by defending public access to their work, and supporting their ability to freely express views that might be unpopular or [...]

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The State of the First Amendment: 2017’s Top Free Speech Offenders and Defenders

During a year of marked ideological divisions, the right to free expression has been challenged by everyone from the alt-right to the far left. Our core values have been attacked by activists across the political spectrum. In this tumultuous year, we commend the allies who refuse to be silenced and continue to defend the right to free speech and its value to our society.

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#GivingTuesday Uncensored

Why does the freedom to explore, the freedom to think, the freedom to create matter to you? Share your story on Twitter or Facebook or hire a plane and write it in the sky. Wherever you write, use #GivingTuesdayUncensored. All donations of $25 or more will be entered to win a book from our banned books collection, signed by the author.

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Partly Annotated Bibliography: Books and Articles on Censorship

GENERAL BOOKS FILM / TELEVISION / RADIO / MEDIA VISUAL ART INTERNET CAMPUS SPEECH GENERAL Abel, Richard. Speaking respect, respecting speech. Chicago; London: University of Chicago Press, 1998. Abramson, Paul R. and Steven D. Pinkerton, Mark Huppin. Sexual Rights in America: the Ninth Amendment and the pursuit of happiness. New York, London: New York University Press, 2003. Al-Gharbi, Musa. "Nir Eyal's Newsletter featuring "It's [...]

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